Banquet Hall Glendale: Galleria Lounge

For one of the more traditional banquet halls in Glendale, check out the Galleria Lounge. This small banquet room features detailed woodwork throughout, seating for up to 64 guests and other intricate architectural details. If you are looking for an intimate wedding venue in Glendale, then look no further than the Galleria Lounge.

Help! My Dream Wedding Venue Is Too Small

It is not uncommon for a newly engaged couple to fall in love with a venue only to discover that the space is too small to accommodate their guest list. If you are faced with this tragic predicament you have a few options. Do not panic and do not cross your dream wedding venue off of your list just yet!

First off, there is the obvious “crossing people off the list” trick. Trim those folks off the bottom that you would not be upset should they happen to miss you tying the knot. If that does not do the trick, check with the venue to see if they have additional rooms. Who said the ceremony and dinner had to be in the same room? Perhaps they will have one smaller and one larger, both of which you could utilize.

Then there is the standing room only trick. If you do not find it tacky, you could consider having a wedding with “standing room only.” That means first come, first serve – the room holds what it will and the rest, well, too bad. recommends making small choices like choosing a DJ instead of a band will save you space. As well as relocating the bar – outside the room maybe? Changing the table shape may also buy you some room. Think of it like Tetris. Many changes can be made if you have your heart set on a particular venue for your wedding day, which happens to be a bit smaller than you would like. Be diligent to properly calculate your guest count, as well as factor in staff, entertainment, etc. to be sure you do not exceed maximum capacity.

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